Gemcon Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Covered area is the total constructed/built up area of your building excluding open areas. It also includes shades.

Yes, Soil test is mandatory for your Structural design of building. Without Soil Report a Structural engineer cannot design a Foundation.

Everything that look grey in building comes in grey structure. Grey structure works include all masonry works, basic electric & plumbing works.

Turnkey means hand overring key of your building. It includes all works from foundation to finishing.

There are 4 steps involved in Maps submission

  1. Architecture Drawings
  2. Structure Drawings
  3. 3D Front Elevation
  4. Soil Test Report

Simple Grey works includes brickwork, steel works and Shuttering works. 

Grey Structure work includes

  1. Earthwork
  2. Brickwork
  3. Steel works
  4. Concrete works
  5. Basic Electric & Plumbing works

Minimum two boreholes are required in soil test of residential projects and its standard depth is 20’.  The depth of plot will increase if plot consist of filling.